EcoWasher no detergent needed chemical free ozone laundry system – 100% Eco Friendly!


EcoWasher is the best way to clean your laundry! It will pull out previous detergent residue left behind in fabrics that normally are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs and usually end up directly on your skin from your clothing. EcoWasher leaves clothes looking bright, feeling soft and smelling fresh naturally using hospital grade oxidation technology using no toxic detergents or hot water!

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EcoWasher is an environmentally friendly appliance that is intended to deep clean laundry without the use of any detergent or hot water. It installs in 10 minutes to any existing washing machine and requires no additional filters or replacement parts. EcoWasher works automatically and lasts for up to 10 years! There are three models to choose from – PRO, PRO PLUS (hard water) and ELITE (with Germ Shield Technology).

In only 5 Minutes EcoWasher Kills:
100% of E. Coli
94% of Yeast
66% of Mold/Fungus
54% of Strep Throat, Scarlet Fever
46% of Salmonella
43% of Staph

That’s just within the first 5 minutes when using the EcoWasher. The best part is that it attaches to any existing washing machine!

Healthier Clothes
The EcoWasher is a 100% natural and safe detergent free laundry system that can be used with your existing washing machine. EcoWasher contains no chemicals or toxic additives, and it’s safe for sensitive skin, infants and chemical allergies. The EPA states that the chemicals contained in laundry detergents such as formaldehyde and other carcinogens (cancer causing agents), lead to a long list of negative health effects. In addition to these health risks, the environment suffers from detergents as well. Every year over 30 billion gallons of toxic laundry detergent wastewater is dumped into our waterways. Add to that the big, bulky plastic detergent bottles cluttering up landfills. It’s time for a change! With EcoWasher, oxygen will be restored to rivers, lakes and streams that detergents deplete, and plastic waste will be greatly reduced. Imagine a world with no more detergent – just pure, clean laundry that reduces your carbon footprint.

EcoWasher Saves you Money
With up to $700 in savings a year, EcoWasher eliminates the need for laundry detergent, fabric softener and hot water. In addition to saving money on laundry supplies, the lifespan of your washing machine and clothing is effectively prolonged, saving even more money. With no wear and tear from detergent residue and no shredded fibers, your fabrics will last longer and stay looking brand new. Simply eliminating these dangerous chemicals from your laundry by using the EcoWasher, you are savings thousands of dollars throughout a lifetime. EcoWasher provides a deeper clean than ever before.

Simple Installation/Works Instantly
With a simple 10 minute installation, EcoWasher makes it easy for anyone to hook up. The unit simply mounts on the wall behind any washing machine. It has one inlet for cold water to enter and one outlet for oxidized water to exit into your washing machine to deep clean your laundry. There are no buttons, dials or settings to press. Once attached to your existing washing machine the EcoWasher works automatically – just set your dial to cold wash and press start. That’s it!

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 8 in

Pro, Pro Plus, Elite


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